STOMACH or How Can We Be With Each Other?

A joyful tribute to the ‘inferior’ senses.

In this performance, Marta Navaridas examines the hierarchy of the senses in Western culture. Seeing and hearing are regarded as ‘higher’ senses – they are associated with superiority and the respective dominant social groups. The senses of smell, taste and touch, however, are believed to be animalistic features, drawing us ever closer to the animal kingdom, and are mostly evoked in connection with women, workers and racialized bodies. Navaridas’ three performers, which seem to be stranded on a utopian island, oppose this order through forms of encounter, joy, lust and interaction which blur the lines between inner and exterior body features, celebrate odours and collectively and radically reject a hierarchy of our senses as well as the questionable nature-culture divide through sound and vocal escapades.

Concept and Direction Marta Navaridas Performance Alex Deutinger, Beatrice Frey, Alex Franz Zehetbauer Sound Design and Composition Manuel Riegler Costumes & Artwork Annemarie Arzberger Stage Design Georg Klüvner-Pfandner Outside Eyes Lau Lukkarila, Alexandru Cosarca Production & Tour Management Sophie Schmeiser Production Performanceinitiative 22 , mollusca production Coproduction newsOFFstyria-Theaterland Supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Graz, Kultur Land Steiermark, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Theaterland Steiermark

Photos Kati Göttfried and Clara Wildberger


17, 18, 19 February 2022 @ Tanzquartier, Vienna

14, 15, 16 September 2021 @ NEWSoffSTYRIA festival, Kristallwerk , Graz