Marta Navaridas is an artist working in the fields of performance and visual arts. From a background in contemporary dance, she works across disciplines using the body as the central element to explore ideas connecting the personal with the political. She is also active in the music scene with the electronic music project MOET. She is originally from San Sebastián, Spain and is based in Graz, Austria.


2023 Manifestations, coproduced by Tanzquartier Vienna

2021 Stomach coproduced by Theaterland Steiermark

2019 Onírica coproduced by Szene Salzburg

2016 I Swear comissioned by Grrrrls Association Graz

2015 The Battle coproduced by Forum Stadtpark Graz


2023 Motora coproduced by Halle für Kunst and brut Vienna

2023 A Night Out coproduced by La Strada Festival Graz

2023 Emancipation of Wonder at Salzburg Museum coproduced by Szene Salzburg

2023 Unlikely Aliens, Elevate Opening Ceremony, Elevate Festival Graz

2022 Emancipation of Wonder at Steirischer Herbst, commissioned by steirischer herbst Festival

2021 Hausgeist or I Wish You Were Here coproduced by Schauspielhaus Graz

2020 Emancipation of Wonder at Neue Galerie Graz

2018 Octopus coproduced by Theaterland Steiermark

I Would Like To Be a Better Person coproduced by Tanzquartier and supported by APAP performing arts network

2017 Pontifex coproduced by Szene Salzburg, Centrale Fies Italy and Impulstanz Festival Vienna

2016 Queen of Hearts coproduced by Tanzquartier Vienna

2013 On the Other Hand coproduced by Tanzquartier Vienna

Speaking of Which coproduced by Tanzquartier Vienna

2010 Your Majesties coproduced by Tanzschrittweise Festival Graz



Marta also creates work in collaboration with

Monique Fessl / Moet electronic music project

The Loose Collective / www.theloosecollective.at

Dani Brown / www.danibrown.org/work


Marta Navaridas (San Sebastián, Spain) studied Translation and Interpreting at UPF Barcelona, Choreography at ArtEZ College of Art Arnhem and Mime at HKA Theater School of Amsterdam. As a performer, she has worked among others with Sarah Vanhee, Dani Brown, Sofia Mavragani, The Loose Collective, Christine Gaigg and Veza Fernández. She has taught Dance and Choreography at Tanzquartier Vienna, Anton Bruckner Private University Linz, K3 Center for Choreography Hamburg, Duncan Dance Research Center Athens, Espacio Común Bogotá, Impulstanz Festival Vienna.

Since 2009, she has been developing own choreographic works together with Alex Deutinger. Selected works: Emancipation of Wonder, Your Majesties, Speaking of Which, On the Other Hand, Queen of Hearts, Pontifex, I would like to be a better person, Octopus, Motora.

She started creating work on her own in 2015 with The Battle, a staged confrontation with the audience. In 2016 she created I Swear, a follow-up performance on the subject of offending the audience conceived for the public space. In 2019 she choreographed Onírica, a performative installation where the performers use drawing as a way to share intimacy, trust and risk. In 2021 she directed Stomach, a performative homage to the so-called "lower senses" of smell and taste and her last work, that premiered in 2022 is a coproduction with Tanzquartier Vienna called Manifestations that blends the authenticity of lived experiences with the make-believe situation of the theatre.

Since 2018 her "Blue Drawings Series" have been exhibited at several fine arts institutions like rotor gallery, Neue Galerie Joanneum, Thaddaeus Ropac Halle in Austria and Ik109 in Spain.

She plays the drums and is part of the electronic music project MOET.


Fine Arts Working-Grant Stadt Graz 2020/ apap Performing Europe Artist 2016-2020 / Springforward Artist 2013 / Aerowaves Priority Artist 2013 / Module Dance Artist 2012-2014 / BestOFFstyria Audience Award 2012 / DanceWEB2010 / BestOFFstyria Theater Award 2010+2012 / ACTfestival Price 2008


Her work is supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Graz, the Cultural Department of the Province of Styria and the Arts Department of the Federal Chancellery of Austria.


Her stage works have been presented at the following venues and festivals:

GRAZ /// Kunsthaus, BestOFF Styria, Theaterland Steiermark, Elevate Festival, uni-T Graz, TTZ Graz, Kristallwerk, Theater am Lend Graz, Festival tanz schritt weise, Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Lendwirbel Graz, steirischer herbst Graz, Orpheum Extra Graz, Forum Stadtpark Graz, Theater Im Bahnhof Graz, Grazer Kunstverein, Club Hybrid, <rotor> contemporary art center, Halle Für Kunst Steiermark

AUSTRIA /// Tanzquartier Wien Studios, Halle G, Impulstanz Festival Wien, 8:tension, Feedback Festival Wien, Freischwimmer Festival, brut Wien, Noise Festival, Kunstverein Innsbruck, Universität Salzburg, Burgenland Kultur, Festival Auftakt Eisenstadt, CCL Choreographic Centre Linz, Kulturhauptstadt Linz09, Offenes Haus Oberwart, Bgld. Tanztage, SZENE Salzburg/Sommerszene, PNEU-Performing New Europe Festival, European Forum Alpbach, Schauspielhaus Wien, steirischer herbst Festival, Choreographic Platform Austria

INTERNATIONAL /// Kulturprogramm der EU - Modul-Dance, DanceIreland Dublin, Dansenshus Stockholm, Dansehallerne Copenhagen, Centro de Creación Azala Vitoria, Kampnagel Hamburg, ACT Festival Bilbao, Miradas Al Cuerpo Dance Festival Madrid, Museo Artium Vitoria, DFeria San Sebastian, Club Vitoria Eugenia San Sebastian, Festival Escena Contemporánea Madrid, Festival NagiB Maribor Slovenia, Kino Šiška Ljubljana, BE Festival Birmingham, UK, ITS Festival Amsterdam, AHK Amsterdam, Frascati Theater Amsterdam, Kampnagel Hamburg Germany, Muffatwerk München, Gessnerallee Zürich, Switzerland, Dampfzentrale Bern, Kaserne Basel, Switzerland, Flota Dance Festival, Murska Sobota, Slovenia, Zimnyi Theater Sochi, Russia, K3 Zentrum fur Choreografie Hamburg, Dance Week Festival Zagreb, Croatia, Made in Dublin, Project Arts Center, Dublin, Kinani Festival Maputo, Mozambique, Danza Comun Bogotá, Rote Fabrik Zürich, Springforward Festival Zürich, Spanski Borci Ljubljana, Duncan Dance Center Athens, Aerowaves London, Riley Theatre Leeds, Teaterdagarna Festival Stockholm, La Briqueterie Paris, France, Dansenshus Stockholm, Dansehallerne Copenhagen, Denmark, Sevelin Festival Lausanne, Switzerland, Abrons Arts Center New York, Cincinnati Arts, Center, Dansnät Sverige, Motherload Festival Centrale Fies, FIT Festival Lugano, Thèatre Pole Sud Strasbourg, Sophiensaele Berlin, The Place London, Dansenshus Oslo, Uovo Festival Milano, Maison de la Danse Lyon, Rencontres chorégraphiques Paris, Ateliersi Bologna, Dansstationen Malmö, Jönköpings Teater Jönköping, Free University Bozen-Bolzano, B.Motion Festival, Teatro Remondini Bassano del Grappa, Kunstencentrum BUDA Kortrijk, Tanzfabrik Berlin, BIT Teatergarasjen Bergen.

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