M for Medium / Blue Drawing Series

in M for Medium each art work / outfit is inspired and dedicated to a person Marta really appreciates.

In a stream of consciousness-like method, she channels intimate, personal and work-related aspects of that person and draws them with blue markers on white fabric. Once the work is finished, the art object ends up in the hands of the person she dedicated it to.

For this exhibition at rotor gallery on occasion of the international women’s day, Marta chose to channel three iconic femmes: Katharina Wiesler, Elfriede Jelinek and Nicki Minaj.

Katharina and Elfriede received their personalised art work, Nicki will send her her postal address some day.

M for Medium

Textile marker on cotton fabric

Commissioned by Rotor Gallery, Graz for the exhibition Guerrilla der Aufklärung, 2019

Concept and Drawings Marta Navaridas

Photos Thomas Raggam