by Monique Fessl and Marta Navaridas

This art installation at Neue Galerie Graz highlights the transformative potential of wishes and proposes an 'own room’ for the visitors to engage with their own desires and hopes.

The artists wrote and drew over 80 wishes made by the audience who previously attended their performance at <rotor> in October 2022. At this exhibition opening, they made an invitation to the museum visitors to keep expressing their own wishes on the walls for as long as the exhibition remains open.

The photo documentation spams a time period of 12 months between the first and the last photos

Because of a Wish / Participative Drawing and Sound Installation

Permanent Marker on wood, electronic Soundscape 2022

The work is part of the group Exhibiton "Kunstraum Steiermark 2022" curated by Günther Holler-Schuster, between 2 December 2022 and 19 November 2023 at Neue Galerie Graz.

Concept, Sound-Installation and most of the drawings Monique Fessl and Marta Navaridas On Going Drawings by Museum Visitors Thanks to Sara González Novi, Bernhard Wolf, Julia Makarenko and Atelier-Auslandsstipendium des Landes Steiermark

Photos Nicki Lakner, Marta Navaridas