A performance-installation

"I am pretty sure that the probability that the wishes become true it is higher than we think"

This performance installation at <rotor> by Monique Fessl and Marta Navaridas is the result of a research on “pleasure activism” developed as Artists-in-Residence in Belgrad. The work highlights the transformative potential of wishes and proposes an 'own room’ for the visitors to engage with their own desires and hopes.

Concept, Sound, Performance Monique Fessl and Marta Navaridas Costumes and Stage Julia Makarenko Artistic Assistance Selman Trovac, Sanja Latinovic Thanks to Sara González Novi, Bernhard Wolf Production Performanceinitiative 22 & mollusca productions
Supported by Stadt Graz Kultur, Atelier-Auslandsstipendium des Landes Steiermark, Land Steiermark, <rotor> Center for Contemporary Art

Photos Valentina Morianz

20, 21 October 2022 @ <rotor> Center for Contemporary Art, Graz