A real encounter between two sensing bodies / work by Deutinger/Navaridas/Riegler

In MOTORA – This Day Is Not Promised, Marta Navaridas interacts with a Volvo V60 in an attempt towards a real encounter between two sensing bodies - one organic and one non-organic. Overshadowed by the awareness of her own fragility and the presence of potential death lurking around such a relationship, she explores her affects towards the machine and enacts a poetic ritual of fatalism, meandering between erotic seduction, wishful thinking, pragmatic realism, and tender anthropomorphization.

Concept Alex Deutinger, Marta Navaridas, Manuel Riegler Direction Alex Deutinger Performance Marta Navaridas Live Electronics and Sound Design Manuel Riegler Costumes Annemarie Arzberger Movement Coaches Florencia Demestri, Sam Lefeuvre Outside Eyes Monika Klenger, Frans Poelstra, Jacob Baningan Production & Tour Management Sophie Schmeiser Production Performanceinitiative 22 , mollusca production Supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Graz, Kultur Land Steiermark, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Halle für Kunst Steiermark, Club Hybrid, Studio 8 Gries, brut Vienna

Photos Kati Göttfried and Clara Wildberger


16, 17 June 2023 @ Halle für Kunst Steiermark, Graz

21, 22, 23 June 2023 @ brut, Vienna